Surprise Swap & Sell

I saw this post on FB  so had to share it here, and is a much welcomed event especially since our Model Expo long weekend died (and others) due to COVID-19.

Bayonet Military Modelling Club – 20th June, 2020
Winter Swap and Sell
15 Somerset Close Werribee
Traders set up 9.00am
Open to buyers from 10.00am
No entry fee
No table fee
Small number of tables available, first in best dressed
Please call Craig Murray 0424 206 456.

Hopefully you can all get down there to support this event.

Michael Tabone
Club Secretary

Wings & Tracks 2020 Review

W&T was on today and was a great show with  around 100 entries on the tables. The standard was as high as usual, which gave the judges a real challenge to come up with the placings. This event was supported by a number of traders who made sure we poor old modellers emptied our wallets – a terrible sight!

Once again the IPMS boys and the traders made this a great day  – click here for some pics.


Michael Tabone
Club Secretary

March Meeting Update

Our March meeting went very well and we had some great discussions on various topics. Our meeting table was impressively full included many boxing’s of newly purchased kits, a few built kits as well as some new products.

We also hosted the presentation for our BAB (Build A Bitch) and Gunna Build which was a carry over from last years efforts.

The BAB is a mini event where the builder has to complete or get very close to completing a nasty kit. It may be nasty for reasons such as:

  • age of kit
  • horrible fit of parts
  • terrible plastic quality
  • just plain ugly
  • difficult to construct
  • way out of your comfort zone

The Gunna Build is also a mini event, where the builder selects a kit from the stash that is no more than 25% complete or completely fresh. Generally its a kit that you wanted to build but never really got there, or one that you started but it ended up as a shelf queen.

The three place getter’s for the Gunna Build:

  • 1st – Mike Dawkins
  • 2nd – Martin Reid
  • 3rd – Michael Turner

Winner for the Build A Bitch award – Martin Reid.

Model Expo 2020 is getting closer and so is our club display. I wont give anything away, but it will be a unique display which will invoke some thought as to why we build scale models.


Michael Tabone
Club Secretary

Model Expo 2020

Click here or on the Model Expo Flyer to see details of the largest Model Show on the calendar. Model Expo 2020 is the cream of modelling events and one not to be missed.

This event has plenty to see and do and also lots to spend your money on, which I am sure many other halves would say that its a good reason not to go – mmmmm – I dont  think so!

There are too many categories to mention with each one carrying a huge number of entries. This is a 3 day event that is put together by a group of tireless volunteers who year after year deliver a great show. The venue itself is massive and includes a vast array of competition tables, modelling traders and a well catered for food area. The event also attracts a number of special interest groups such as the Victorian Armoured RC club, who offer another perspective of related interests.

On the Monday there is a super sized Swap & Sell that has recently moved into a much larger and brighter area which is separate from the completion space. The number of second hand kits up for grabs is massive, and really adds to the fun and excitement of Model Expo.

Every year the number of entries has increased, which is a great sign that the hobby is truly alive. The quality, creativity and skill levels just keeps growing which makes this a formidable event, so please make sure you come along and enjoy whats on offer.


Michael Tabone
Club Secretary

Wings and Tracks 2020

Here is the first event for the year and its a must attend to get your taste of modelling at its best.

Confirmed Traders so far are:

  1. Wargames Miniatures
  2. SMS Paints
  3. Spec Mod

With hopefully another one or two to be added

The special theme for this years Golden Sprocket & Golden Wing awards are anything Vietnam, build to IPMS Out of Box Rules.

This will be a great show so make sure you can come along!


Michael Tabone
Club Secretary

February Meeting

Arrrhhhh………..finally we are back on this Sunday 2nd, for the beginning of the 2020 club calendar year. It would be a great opportunity to bring along anything you  got from Santa, purchased since or last meeting or anything you have been working on. We love to see whats on your bench and hear the pain and the wins along the way for your current or completed projects.

This years looks to be interesting with a whole bunch of kits to be released, infact too many to mention so here’s a link to check out to see whats coming. WingNut Wings have a few beauties that are not too far away so keep an eye out for these:

Warbirds continues to be a inclusive group of like minded people with a predominant focus on aircraft. We also understand that we all build and love other genres of model kits, and as a result we are open to seeing anything else that might be sitting alongside your aircraft.

Modelling is a hobby that can consume a huge amount of time and a hobby that we get a lot of enjoyment from. Its not just the building its also about the research, the book library and all those necessary products that make model building a real joy.

Our passion for the hobby brings us together as a club and creates a healthy environment where we can all share what we love to do. I look forward to the new year and to seeing you all again.


Michael Tabone
Club Secretary