MENG Fokker Dr.1 Guide

We all love to get he very best out of our kits, and with this comes the process of gathering references and all the necessary products to make your build the best it can be. I think that most modellers in general will go down this road in some form, with some going to the enth degree to get things perfect.

With some kits new or old, there can be a mine field of changes that are needed on top of the base kit. This can be to take things to the next level with additional details or simply to correct a series of omissions or errors ….eeeeek.

MENG recently released the Fokker Dr.1 Triplane which from initial reviews and the sample I have on my bench looks to be a nice little kit. However and to be fair, like many other kits this one falls a little short in some areas when it comes to this boxing.

Fellow club member Michael Turner has completed some much needed research for those interested in building this kit. Click this link to access Michael’s work on the ‘Resources’ page. The content of the guide is one persons view but I think the work done is fairly exhaustive given the references available to complete this work.

Having said that I have just started removing parts from the sprue ready for the classic Red Baron version, and after reading this guide found that I was slowly going down the wrong path. Now that I have access to the guide it will surely be a great reference for me to get the best out of this kit, which take me back to my opening statement……….

I hope that you find this as useful as I have so far, and a big thank you to Michael for taking the time to put this excellent guide together.

Michael Tabone
Club Secretary