Merry Xmas 2015

2015 has been a year of growth and building for our club as well as establishing our meeting format, whilst enjoying the hobby that we enjoy. We have made our presence felt at several modeling events such as the Melbourne Model Expo, Bayonet Military Model Competition and the SAPMA 2015 Model Expo with great success. These events gives us an opportunity to engage with the general public and to promote our club, either in the form of general model displays or themes that showcase who we are and what we do.

As a club we put together the Galland’s Wish display featuring a collection of Spirfires built by members that were in German markings, which generated much interest. We also saw the running of the 2015 Build a Bitch where members were challenged to build a horrible kit within a time frame, which produced some interesting results.

At just about every meeting we have had something new whether it be discussions of interesting topics or live demonstrations including:

  • scribbing panel lines
  • True Metal demonstration
  • Launch of the club website
  • new product reviews and discussions
  • Slide shows
  • member completed builds and in progress builds

Our members have enjoyed very comfortable surroundings at our Ashburton location, and most of all have had the opportunity to share their interests with like minded members.

We will be back in 2016 with our first meeting on February 7th, and please see our Membership & Meetings page for a full list of meeting dates.

Have a great xmas and a very safe new year and look forward to building lots of kits.


Michael Tabone

Vice President