Next Meeting Sunday 2nd April

Our meetings cant come soon enough and yes, we are on again this Sunday for our next club meeting.

Please note that this Sunday sees the end of Daylight Saving so turn your clocks back!

This meeting will focus on up coming events such as:

  • the coming Expo 2017 club display
  • SAPMA Expo club display titled ‘The Flying Seaman’
  • the club ‘Gunna Build’ for those kits you were always going to build but never really got around to it
  • Warmachines – and how this might run

See you all there!

March Meeting Update

Well, a busy weekend with various events including the Avalon Air Show, Eastern Suburbs Swap ‘n’ Sell and car shows didn’t deter the die-hards! It was great to see well-respected local modelling guru Ian Hill come along. With Ian’s digital artwork endeavours, he remains a plastic modeller and wowed us with a Warmachine. Quite apt as we make 2017 the year to promote our Warmachine interest group where members and guests are encouraged to bring along their non-avaiation military modelling endeavours.

Ian presented his Panther G (Late) as built from the Dragon 1/35 kit. It’s depicted as it served in Budapest in February / March 1945 in Operation Konrad. Note the steel wheel on the last station in the chassis with all other wheels being the usual rubber types. Also note the serial number. Thanks Ian, we hope to see more Warmachines in future as well as your Warbirds. For Ian’s digital art, visit his website at

Next Meeting Sunday 5th March

We are back again for our next meeting on Sunday so look forward to seeing you all there.

This meeting will focus on up coming events such as the weekends Swap & Sell, Expo 2017 club display, SAPMA Expo field trip a our club event for the ‘Gunna Build’.

As many would know Warbirds is primarily an aircraft club but we are also very open to those who build other types of kits.  We have covered this reality with our Warmachines component of the club which really does open up a whole range of other related interests.

Our meetings are fun and relaxed and open to suggestions of how we do things, and how to improve and make our meetings even more engaging. We enjoy everything about our hobby and look forward to sharing all the things that enable us to build better kits.

See you all there!