February Meeting

Arrrhhhh………..finally we are back on this Sunday 2nd, for the beginning of the 2020 club calendar year. It would be a great opportunity to bring along anything you  got from Santa, purchased since or last meeting or anything you have been working on. We love to see whats on your bench and hear the pain and the wins along the way for your current or completed projects.

This years looks to be interesting with a whole bunch of kits to be released, infact too many to mention so here’s a link to check out to see whats coming. WingNut Wings have a few beauties that are not too far away so keep an eye out for these:

Warbirds continues to be a inclusive group of like minded people with a predominant focus on aircraft. We also understand that we all build and love other genres of model kits, and as a result we are open to seeing anything else that might be sitting alongside your aircraft.

Modelling is a hobby that can consume a huge amount of time and a hobby that we get a lot of enjoyment from. Its not just the building its also about the research, the book library and all those necessary products that make model building a real joy.

Our passion for the hobby brings us together as a club and creates a healthy environment where we can all share what we love to do. I look forward to the new year and to seeing you all again.


Michael Tabone
Club Secretary




2020 Meeting Schedule

Please check our new meeting dates for 2020, which have been posted under Memberships & Meetings.

We look forward to seeing you all during the year and no doubt there will be a lots of new releases and modelling news along the way.

Please remember to check back here for whats going on at Warbirds!

Michael Tabone
Club Secretary