Kagero Publications Complimentary Downloads

Kagero Publications are offering a small selection of their titles as free pdf downloads. These are totally legal and come directly from their website. Click on A10 TopColors cover to get to the list of available titles. Kagero have been providing modellers with quality publications and decals for some time now and the opportunity to access these at no charge is a real bonus.



Applying a metal finish using aluminium foil

Easy steps to create a realistic metal finish by Marc Guerrero

The technique of bare metal application has always eluded me due to the fact that it just looks so hard to master, or at the very least just so time consuming. There are many sources of information regarding this topic, but the one I would like to show you demonstrates this technique in a very easy manner using high quality photos and text. I would like to thank Marc Guerrero for making this look so easy and for allowing us to share this from his site.


Timber Finish for the Horten 229

Last year’s release of the 1/32 Horten 229 by Zoukei-Mura created quite a stir in the modelling world. While we’ve become accustomed to their exciting releases, this kit was particularly interesting in that the subject matter was one of the mysterious late war What-Ifs that actually had a substantiated base with a captured prototype. Also of keen interest was the ability to do something special with the wooden finish.


Uschi from Germany have released a set of wood grain decals that will also be released soon under Zoukei-Mura branding. While the art of replicating wood-grain has become somewhat of an art-form driven by the Wingnut Wings phenomenon, this is one subject that as wonderful as it looks in natural wood may not actually be all that realistic based on the research at the Smithsonian on their example of the aircraft.

The team at the Smithsonian have exhaustively been analyzing the aircrafts structure and materials working out how to preserve and restore the Horten. Interestingly it appears the wood was treated with a semi-transparent green coating. While the grain is visible, it may mean natural timber panels, while stunning to look at are not truly representative.

Here’s a link to the research done by the Smithsonian on the wooden structure:


And here are some specific panel samples

Belly Panel After Cleaning

Horten H IX V3

Horten H IX V3 Acrylic

And here’s a view on the metal coatings, it appears to be a similar colour!

Painted Metals

So perhaps as nice as the natural wood and metal finish looks, it may not be all that accurate based on how it appears they intended to produce the Horten Ho229?

You be the judge!!!

Photo Collection by Stephen Keogh

Sorry it’s taken a while to commence the 2015 updates to the website but we start the year off with a Gallery of an array of Stephen Keogh’s wonderful aircraft. Stephen has become well known for his own personal group builds often tackling multiple kits of the same subject to get through the markings he’s keen on at the time.


As a professional jeweller, Stephen’s eye for detail is obvious in the gallery of subjects as is his overall build quality. Look out for future galleries with more detailed photos of some of the featured subjects as well as some of Stephen’s amazing dioramas.

WarbirdsAMG News

Pin-Wash Demonstration at the November Meeting

Vice-President Michael Tabone, presented a workshop on the art of pin-washing at the November meeting. Michael took us through all aspects of successfully applying washes from the available tools to the washes themselves and of course his preferred application method. He explained the various options regarding washes ranging from the more traditional oil based washes through to the more recent commercially prepared washes. These are becoming more popular to their more consistent nature but there’s still a place for some old school skills.

While a keen aircraft modeller, Michael’s background is in armour. Armour modellers have led the way in recent times in painting, washing and weathering in general. Seeing these skills first hand was a real bonus with Michael spending more time answering questions than pin-washing! Not a bad thing, we all walked away from the meeting better equipped for our next modelling adventure.


Workshops are a regular feature at Warbirds AMG meetings to offer up new, complimentary and alternative skills. The focus as always is about fun and enjoying the hobby rather than trying to turn everyone into a master modeller! 2015 Meeting Dates will soon be posted, keep an eye on the Meeting tab and join for an afternoon of modelling fun next year.

Claes Sundin’s Latest Profile Book No3 Released


Claes Sundin continues his series of Profile Books with Book No 3 dedicated to the fighters of the Luftwaffe. 124 profiles covers aircraft from 1938 Condor Legion mounts through to the late war machines that were too late to be truly effective.

After looking through the pages of the third book in the series, Claes has managed to not simply maintain his great standard that has seen his profiles grace many historical references over the years, but raise the bar. The great selection of profiles including a mix of Luftwaffe standards with some unusual variants and even the odd controversial subject will no doubt spark many conversations and debates with modellers and historians alike. By controversial, I refer to the old debates on JV44, the Luftwaffe jet fighter protection unit, and whether the underneath of their aircraft was red or black with white stripes. While red is generally accepted to be corrected there are still those who believe some aircraft may have been black. Also, the actual Werk Nr of Hartmann’s aircraft spark questions and of course the all-red Focke Wulf Ta152 is a fun topic of discussion.

Click on the book cover above to be taken to more info on the book and ordering information. Print and binding quality is perfect. Claes releases these through his own publishing efforts, Centura Publishing. Tell him Warbirds AMG sent you!

Welcome to AERO-TORQUE

Welcome to AERO-TORQUE, the blog of Warbirds AMG. A lot of hard work has gone on in the background from our Vice-President and resident Webmaster Michael Tabone, a big thanks goes to Michael. Rather than trying to be yet another modelling website with all the bells and whistles, the aim is for AERO-TORQUE to be an online outlet to display the output of the groups’ members, supporters and special guests. We provide links to the great forums and other websites and resources that others do so well and are utilised by the members of Warbirds AMG.

Fok Dr-I (Warbirds) SML

Our current membership is made up of a mix of local members who attend our monthly meetings, also local and distant members with limited or no access to our meetings. It’s particularly for these members we’re trying to build AERO-TORQUE. There will no doubt be plenty of change and experimentation as we settle into a working formula for the site specifically and the group generally. Feedback is always welcome via email and at the meetings if you can attend.

Enjoy the flight and first batch of articles

Martin Reid

President / Secretary – Warbirds AMG