Next Meeting Sunday 4th March

Yippee – we are back again this Sunday and it will be our reverse 2017 end of Year party. Ok, this sounds weird but as we dont have an end of year party as such, we decided to bring it into the new year.  There will be pizzas and drinks so please come along for the fun!

There has been a bit of activity over new releases and pending model shows and swap meets, and all this prior to the big one –  Model Expo 2018. I know I’m excited and I bet you are to………….

This meeting will be our usual format with a focus on modelling fun including discussions about the wonders of the plastic world, and the sharing of useful tips and inspirations.

See you all on Sunday!


Club President


Next Meeting Sunday 4th Feb

Better late than never to post our meeting reminder for tomorrow, and will be the first for the year. Yes that right, Warbirds is back again for another exciting year and I for one cant wait to get back to the club.

Before our scheduled meeting the Committee will be holding the first Committee meeting of the year to ensure that we are on target with the running of the club.

I am sure everyone will have a whole bunch of show and tell so it should be a jammed pack meeting.  There are a number of events early in the year so these will be discussion points to hash over, as well as the usual club stuff that we churn through every meeting.

Anyway I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!


Club President

Next Meeting Sunday 5th Nov

Its that time again for our next meeting and to reflect on our successful road trip to Adelaide, South Australia to participate in the SAPMA Model Expo. There will be lots to talk about including our win for the ‘Best Club Display’ with our very own ‘Naval Aviation – The Flying Seamen’ display.

Before the general meeting is our scheduled Committee meeting to cover off all the formal topics, and to make sure our club continues to stay in great shape.

Please bring along any show and tell and any kits you would like to work on during the meeting.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Next Meeting Sunday 1st Oct

Its that time again where we all get to talk plastic and breath in the plastic dust, with a mask on of course!

Yes you guessed it its time for our next meeting, and it will the show down for our Build-A-Bitch and Gunna Builds. Bring back the kits you have been working on and have them  ready for judging – and with a few laughs along the way!

SAPMA Expo is almost with us with a contingent of members heading across with a number of kits for our club display  – ‘The Flying Seamen’.

Dont forget to bring along your kits to build and anything new for our show and tell.

See you all there, and don’t forget that it daylight savings so  wind your clock forward an hour……………..

Next Meeting Sunday 10th Sept

Yep were back again after a slight change in meeting dates due to Father s Day last weekend (Special Persons Day to some)…………..

Our schedule is running hot with a few items on the list such as:

Build a Bitch – Mark from Sprue Finders has once again donated kits that were allocated at our last meeting and also includes special prizes

SAPMA Expo – our pending road trip is on the drawing board with the theme of ” Naval Aviation – The Flying Seamen” – sounds like a winner to me!

Bring along your kits and anything new to share with the group.

See you there!