March Meeting Update

Well, a busy weekend with various events including the Avalon Air Show, Eastern Suburbs Swap ‘n’ Sell and car shows didn’t deter the die-hards! It was great to see well-respected local modelling guru Ian Hill come along. With Ian’s digital artwork endeavours, he remains a plastic modeller and wowed us with a Warmachine. Quite apt as we make 2017 the year to promote our Warmachine interest group where members and guests are encouraged to bring along their non-avaiation military modelling endeavours.

Ian presented his Panther G (Late) as built from the Dragon 1/35 kit. It’s depicted as it served in Budapest in February / March 1945 in Operation Konrad. Note the steel wheel on the last station in the chassis with all other wheels being the usual rubber types. Also note the serial number. Thanks Ian, we hope to see more Warmachines in future as well as your Warbirds. For Ian’s digital art, visit his website at

February Meeting Update

Our first meeting went very well and gave us an opportunity to cover various in progress builds, new purchases, up coming events and lots of general modelling chat and the year ahead.

Below are some images of what members had brought along.

November Meeting Update

Its all over for another year and it went without a hitch. As usual members brought along new kits for discussion, models builds in progress and enjoyed a social chat in between formalities. Planning has already started for 2017 including a start of year outing at the RAAF Museum at Point Cook as well as various comps that will be on during the year.

I can say from experience that running a club can be a bit challenging at times and that the duties of the committee do take up some extra time and commitment, but the rewards are well worth it. One thing I can say is that if it wasn’t for all the early work performed by Martin Reid and Laurence Farrugia then Warbirds wouldn’t be the club it is today. Others have contributed along the way including myself and the new committee members Mike Dawkins, Rene De Koning and John Svendsen.  Having said that all the good work that the above members have contributed to the club would not have been possible, had it not been for the overwhelming support and involvement of all members.

2016 was a great year and a fun one with my only criticism being that we only meet once a month. Its great to be around a nice bunch of guys sharing the hobby that we love so much, so I would like to thank everyone for making  the club the success that it is.

Merry Xmas and have a great New Year and may you get lots of kits to build from Santa.

Finally here’s a few pics of what went on at today’s meeting!


October Meeting Update

Another meeting done and dusted with the format change marked down as a success. The general feel of moving from a formatted agenda to a more free moving one has proved to be the right mix and my be just what we needed. We had a general chat about this, and the consensus was that the meeting should be flexible with the option of fine tuning as we go. A few of us brought along some kits to build, we had a collection of pre loved kits that were for sale, as well as a demonstration on decanting spray paint from a rattle can into a paint pot.

The formalities were occupied with a small 15-20 segment at the beginning, with an open forum topic of ‘building for yourself or for the club’ and a ‘whats on the table’ segment in the middle, plus a wind up towards the end with the demonstration. In between the formal parts we built our kits and had general chats, with the whole format being really engaging, with plenty of time to cover what we need to as a club and to include all the more fun bits.

This was a great meeting and will no doubt form a template for future meetings.


Model Expo – Presidents Report

Another Model Expo is done and I must start with a huge thank-you to club members for their support with the display. A final tally of 32 display models was beyond expectations and pre-commitments so such a strong turnout was a brilliant result.

I had the opportunity to meet and discuss modelling and future projects with Richard Alexander from Wingnut Wings and Neil Yan from HK Models. It was a pleasure to talk to these guys and see how passionate they are and not simply businessmen looking for a quick profit. Both companies have established a reputation for quality products and I look forward to planned future releases. The Sopwith Camel is a classic that will have me purchasing multiples when Wingnut Wings release theirs soon and although I have nowhere to put a completed kit, I absolutely must have the upcoming 1/32 Avro Lancaster from HK Models. The HK Models 1/32 B17 on display at the Metro Hobbies and was jaw-dropping!

I also had a great chat with Kevin Futter from Large Scale Planes fame. Make sure you check out the great work on the website with one of the most civil and informative modelling forums out there. Check it out at

A huge turnout of competition kits, great club displays, the ever-present retailers and a Swap & Sell that was more Sell than smell made for a thoroughly enjoyable long weekend.

The Expo Committee should be suitably proud of the show and from what I could see and hear, was one of, if not the best yet. Roll on Expo 2017.


Warbirds President Martin Reid with Richard Alexander from Wingnut Wings


Martin with Kevin Futter, Administrator of the Large Scale Planes website and forum, and Neil Yan from HK Models. Martin embedded an idea with Neil and is hoping it will eventuate in the not too distant future!


Martin Reid

Club President


Model Expo 2016 Update

Model Expo is over for another year and Warbirds once again demonstrated our diversity when it comes to club displays and member contributions. This year our members built an array of kits to fit in with our theme of ‘Stormbirds’. The only requirement was that the subjects name had to relate to weather patterns – hence the theme name.  The response was very pleasing and raised some lovely kits that graced our nominated display table.

I was one of attending members at the table and was happy to see people walking up and asking questions, taking photos and really enjoying what we have presented. As a tribute to John Xigalatas, who recently passed away, we thought it was fitting to include a small plaque along with the two models that he produced and sold through his Melbourne store ‘Showcase Models’. This was well received and helped to round off what was a very successful display and a very successful event.

I would like to thank all our members for the effort involved and is something to be proud of!

Click here to view additional photos