MENG Fokker Dr.1 Guide

We all love to get he very best out of our kits, and with this comes the process of gathering references and all the necessary products to make your build the best it can be. I think that most modellers in general will go down this road in some form, with some going to the enth degree to get things perfect.

With some kits new or old, there can be a mine field of changes that are needed on top of the base kit. This can be to take things to the next level with additional details or simply to correct a series of omissions or errors ….eeeeek.

MENG recently released the Fokker Dr.1 Triplane which from initial reviews and the sample I have on my bench looks to be a nice little kit. However and to be fair, like many other kits this one falls a little short in some areas when it comes to this boxing.

Fellow club member Michael Turner has completed some much needed research for those interested in building this kit. Click this link to access Michael’s work on the ‘Resources’ page. The content of the guide is one persons view but I think the work done is fairly exhaustive given the references available to complete this work.

Having said that I have just started removing parts from the sprue ready for the classic Red Baron version, and after reading this guide found that I was slowly going down the wrong path. Now that I have access to the guide it will surely be a great reference for me to get the best out of this kit, which take me back to my opening statement……….

I hope that you find this as useful as I have so far, and a big thank you to Michael for taking the time to put this excellent guide together.

Michael Tabone
Club Secretary

Wings & Tracks 2020 Review

W&T was on today and was a great show with  around 100 entries on the tables. The standard was as high as usual, which gave the judges a real challenge to come up with the placings. This event was supported by a number of traders who made sure we poor old modellers emptied our wallets – a terrible sight!

Once again the IPMS boys and the traders made this a great day  – click here for some pics.


Michael Tabone
Club Secretary

Build Weekend 2019


On the weekend of 23rd – 25th August a few members took the trip down to our Phillip Island holiday house to do nothing but build kits. We also took the time to eat, drink and listen to music and various comedy shows which generated a lot of laughs.

Between the members we had a whole bunch of kits that we brought along to keep us busy for the three days. Making sure you covered all bases with all the associated gear was a small challenge but I think we all did pretty well there.

The accommodation was comfortable and within walking distance to the shops, but sorry to say there was no hobby shop for any emergency supplies. All meals were by way of pies, pizza,  chips, eggs and toast and most things in between all washed down with the finest of beverages – mmmm.

Overall is was a great weekend with plenty of kit building and time to relax and enjoy each others company and humour – thinking about next year already…….

Click here for some pics of the weekend.

May Meeting Update

Our last meeting saw the start of a new format with a focus on member modelling and more demonstrations. Our required formalities have been reduced to allow for greater member interaction and more general discussions. We will still be bringing along our kits in progress, completed builds and anything new to continue with our already busy atmosphere.

At this meeting Martin Reid and Michael Tabone presented a demonstration on Rigging WW1 Aircraft, which covered perhaps one of the greatest fears of modelling. This was a thorough demo covering all the tools and supplies as well as documentation illustrating the steps and processes involved. Martin and Michael used the Wingnut Wings kits as a basis for their discussion with a Sopwith Pup as an example of fine rigging and turnbuckle creation.

We will see a lot more demonstrations moving forward and if this meeting was anything to go by then I think we will be on a winner!

You can find our link to the demonstration documentation on our ‘Demonstrations’ page.

Images of the demonstration


October Meeting Update

Another great meeting with lots a activity that produced winners for the Build A Bitch and Gunna Builds.

Here are a few pics of the kits that took part in the Build A Bitch:

Pics of the kits that took part in the Gunna Build:

As you can see some didn’t make it over the line, but I have to say that its all about getting to the bench and being part of the group!

Model Expo 2017

As the dust settles we can now reflect on what was a great Model Expo, and another opportunity to present a club display with our ‘MIGS’ theme.  There was much to see this year with a ever growing public interest and a wide variety of trader stands. The quality of kits on the tables was awesome to see with some real standouts, which no doubt made it difficult for the judging.

This event is over three days with a large Swap and Sell on the Monday morning, and some great demonstrations covering various modelling subjects. My favorite was ‘figure painting with oils’ which was presented by Ben Flood, and was extremely helpful. The RC guys from Victorian Armoured RC Club were outside with their large scale RC tanks, which  is a change of pace to static models.

Here are some pics of this event.


Next Meeting Sunday 5th March

We are back again for our next meeting on Sunday so look forward to seeing you all there.

This meeting will focus on up coming events such as the weekends Swap & Sell, Expo 2017 club display, SAPMA Expo field trip a our club event for the ‘Gunna Build’.

As many would know Warbirds is primarily an aircraft club but we are also very open to those who build other types of kits.  We have covered this reality with our Warmachines component of the club which really does open up a whole range of other related interests.

Our meetings are fun and relaxed and open to suggestions of how we do things, and how to improve and make our meetings even more engaging. We enjoy everything about our hobby and look forward to sharing all the things that enable us to build better kits.

See you all there!