Curtiss P-40B Pearl Harbour Defender

Built by:Martin Reid
Kit:1/48 Airfix Curtiss P-40B Warhawk (A05130A)
Kit Media:Plastic
Modifications and
Built ‘Out Of Box’
Unit:47th PS, 15th PG
Location:Hale’iwa Fighter Strip, Hawaii, 1941
Pilot:2Lt Ken Taylor

Area of Operations


The P-40E was the first mass produced model of the P-40 with 2300 units being built.  Its first flight was in August 1941. The E model offered no performance improvements over previous models, but had increased armour and fire power.

The P-40E was easy to produce and maintain and its rugged construction suited it well for ground support and bomber interception duties.  If used correctly in high-speed slashing attacks it also proved to be able to deal with the far more nimble Japanese fighters in the pacific theatre, as proven by the First American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Republic of China Air Force, also known as the Flying Tigers.

On the 14th of July, 1942 the three squadrons of the Flying Tigers were transferred to the US Army Air Force (USAAF) as the 74th, 75th and 76th Squadrons, 23rd Fighter Group, 10th Air Force.  In March 1943 the 23rd FG transferred to the newly created 14th AF.

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