Welcome to AERO-TORQUE

Welcome to AERO-TORQUE, the blog of Warbirds AMG. A lot of hard work has gone on in the background from our Vice-President and resident Webmaster Michael Tabone, a big thanks goes to Michael. Rather than trying to be yet another modelling website with all the bells and whistles, the aim is for AERO-TORQUE to be an online outlet to display the output of the groups’ members, supporters and special guests. We provide links to the great forums and other websites and resources that others do so well and are utilised by the members of Warbirds AMG.

Fok Dr-I (Warbirds) SML

Our current membership is made up of a mix of local members who attend our monthly meetings, also local and distant members with limited or no access to our meetings. It’s particularly for these members we’re trying to build AERO-TORQUE. There will no doubt be plenty of change and experimentation as we settle into a working formula for the site specifically and the group generally. Feedback is always welcome via email and at the meetings if you can attend.

Enjoy the flight and first batch of articles

Martin Reid

President / Secretary – Warbirds AMG