Tyabb Air Show Report


I was really looking forward to going to the Tyabb Air Show but for some reason have had a bad track record of getting there. Or should I say navigating that way without a GPS and having to rely on printed instructions and the memory of a 50 year old.

I did all the pre checks the night before like camera ready and battery charged, money sorted and those nasty directions of how to get there. The bag was ready to go and the biggest challenge was to convince my 14 yo son that there is a big blue world out there and that life away from the Play Station can be fun after all.

The day finally came and I was up at 8:00am and Luke was all set and looking forward to spending a day with his dad. The car was packed and in we went and left home base at 10:00am sharp. The boys from Warbirds were scheduled to meet at around 11:30am but not sure where, just somewhere I guess!

Ok, my printed maps worked just fine and made perfect time to the general area and found that the road leading to the airfield was well sign posted and basically led directly to the designated car park. As we were driving in there were cars everywhere and at the end of a long dusty road there was a huge open paddock where attendants were directing traffic. Out of the car, collected bag and child and headed over to the shuttle bus pickup point. So far really good and managed to get on the first bus and made it to the airfield drop off point only to join a long line.

Left for cash and right for card, two long lines but they were moving rather quick so back on track. Made it to the card payment tent and we were in – YIPPEE!

This was my first time to Tyabb Airfield and I could see many hangers and spotted the tail of the Corsiar sticking out, which was inside a larger area designated for aircraft parking.  Inside the pen I could see a Boomerang, Grumman Avenger, P-51 Mustang, 2 x Spitfires and a P-40 Kitty Hawk all next to each other, and what a sight it was.

The crowds were gathering as these babies were stealing the show and one couldn’t help take lots of photos and look in awe at these classic aircraft. There was still no sign of the boys so Luke and I headed over towards the airfield and snapped open the fold out chairs with a perfect view of the runway, and just in time for the opening show. Here we were watching a small flight of Wirraways taking off and performing some aerobatics which was really nice to see. This set the stage for a whole bunch of flying demonstrations, more aerobatics and some plain old fun.

I did have a schedule of sorts inside a brochure that I picked up at the gate, but due to the nature of these mechanical beasts not all was in exact order – but who cares anyway there was so much going on anyway.

To see and hear those radials fire up and then to see them in the sky with all the different sounds and visuals, it really was just an awesome day and one I will remember for a long time. Since December 2015 with my trip to NZ I have managed to see a short list of aircraft such as a Zero, Spitfire, Corsair, a dozen or so flying replica WW1 aircraft and now all these wonderful examples.

I have really enjoyed actually seeing real examples of the kits I have built or only seen in books or on the screen. To see these aircraft up close puts a whole new perspective into the hobby and fires up some new inspiration and drive to tackle these in kit form.

My son Luke enjoyed the day and more importantly gave us some much needed quality time and a day that can be added to the memory banks.

I have added a batch of the best images from my collection but other members will follow as soon as they are available – click here.


Michael Tabone

Vice President