May Meeting Update

Our last meeting saw the start of a new format with a focus on member modelling and more demonstrations. Our required formalities have been reduced to allow for greater member interaction and more general discussions. We will still be bringing along our kits in progress, completed builds and anything new to continue with our already busy atmosphere.

At this meeting Martin Reid and Michael Tabone presented a demonstration on Rigging WW1 Aircraft, which covered perhaps one of the greatest fears of modelling. This was a thorough demo covering all the tools and supplies as well as documentation illustrating the steps and processes involved. Martin and Michael used the Wingnut Wings kits as a basis for their discussion with a Sopwith Pup as an example of fine rigging and turnbuckle creation.

We will see a lot more demonstrations moving forward and if this meeting was anything to go by then I think we will be on a winner!

You can find our link to the demonstration documentation on our ‘Demonstrations’ page.

Images of the demonstration